Here lays to rest the trimaran Teignmouth Electron, with which Donald Crowhust entered the Sunday Times Golden Globe Race, a single-handed, round-the-world yacht race that took place in 1968-1969.

Early into the race, Crowhurst was faced with the choice of either quitting the race and facing financial ruin and humiliation, or continuing to an almost certain death in his unsafe boat. Over the course of November and December 1968, the hopelessness of his situation pushed him into an elaborate deception. He planned to loiter in the South Atlantic for several months while the other boats sailed the Southern Ocean, falsify his navigation logs, then slip back in for the return leg to England. As last place finisher, he assumed his false logs would not receive the scrutiny of the winner. However, when all the other contenders abandoned or were forced to retire, he faced the prospect of being discovered upon his return.

Crowhurst last log entry was on 1 July 1969; it is assumed that he then jumped overboard and drowned.

The winner of the race, Robin Knox-Johnston donated his winnings for fastest circumnavigation (£5,000) to Donald Crowhurst’s widow and children.

Teignmouth Electron was later taken to Jamaica and was sold multiple times, most recently in 2007, to American artist Michael Jones McKean. The boat still lies in the dunes on the southwest shore of Cayman Brac.

The documentary film Deep Water tells the story in detail and includes testimonies of the contendants, and of Crowhurst wife and children.


  • toon eerdekens


    4 years, 10 months ago
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    4 years, 10 months ago
  • Manuel Maqueda

    Thanks for fixing the bug! I was telling Toon that I did not found this by accident, I looked for the general location online and then searched BlooSee’s satellite imagery until I spotted the wreck. I’d love to go check it out in person! Anyone oferring a ride to Cayman Brac? ;-)

    4 years, 10 months ago

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