The Port of Gudhjem consists of 2 harbours: Noerresand Harbour (North) with a water depth of 3.6 metres and Gudhjem Harbour (South). Applicable to both harbours: May be entered day and night, allowances being made for wind, current and visibility. Hammerodde, Christiansoe and Svaneke lighthouses will guide boats in during approach. In SW-ly winds, a hard current can set toward Sandhammaren on the SE point of Scania (southern Sweden). In strong NW-wind, a strong current sets to the southward at Hammeren. Gudhjem Harbour (S): The Harbour’s light beacons line up to guide boats in a 202 degrees and are turned off whenever the harbour is unnavigable. In daylight this is shown by a red ball on the flagpole on the north breakwater. Noerresand Harbour(N): Nighttime approaches require that the harbour’s leading light is turned on. Form April 1st to August 1st the beacon light is lit only on proor agreement with the harbour master. In N-ly and NE-ly winds of more than 10 metres per second, the gate in the south harbour will be closed. The light will be turned off and the red ball will be hoisted.

Contact information

  • Address:

    Ejnar Mikkelsensvej 21, 3760 Gudhjem, Denmark

  • Phone:

    +45 5692 2336

  • E-mail:


  • VHF channel:


  • Berths:


  • Max. length:

    98.0 (ft)

  • Max. draft:

    16.0 (ft)


  • Electricity

  • Water


  • Agnieszka and Wlodek Bilinscy

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    We think that if you title this destination Gudhjem South, you should moove the icon on the satelite photo from Gudhjem North to correct location – that is to the harbour where you can see the line indicating where the ferries arrive, because this is Gudhjem South, the main and more charming harbour, and the heart of Gudhjem. Anyway, Gudhjem is a “must go” destination. We spent whole week there once, during the gale, when the gate to the inner pool of south harbour was closed, and we were not bored at all.

    3 years, 1 month ago

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