Baylands Park is a unique parkland managed by the City of Sunnyvale. The park itself provides over seventy acres of developed parkland. There are packed-sand walkways, large open fields ideal for games or kite-flying, and open picnic areas for families and large groups. Restroom facilities and drinking fountains are available in several locations. What makes Baylands Park special is not just the many acres of native grasses, open meadows and superb views of the south bay. In addition to the recreation areas, Bayland Park contains 105 acres of seasonal wetlands that are protected as a Wetlands Preserve. This preserve provides valuable habitat for plants and wildlife year-round.

The park’s trails also link up with the Bay Trail, allowing access to large portions of the south bay margin.

The park gate is open every day from 8:00 a.m. to one half hour after sunset. During the off-season of November through February there are no parking fees. From March through October there is a single car entry fee of $6.00. For buses the fee is $20.

A $25 seasonal pass is available for frequent visitors. The season pass is valid only at Sunnyvale Baylands Park (Santa Clara County Park season passes are not valid). The City encourages carpooling and there is no charge for pedestrians or bicycles.

More information available at the Baylands Park website:


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