Pleon is a unique club which emphasizes junior sailing. Since the Club’s beginning in 1887, Pleon’s flag officers and members have been youngsters under the age of 21.

The purpose of the Pleon Sailing Program is to involve as many young people as possible in the sport of sailing through a fun, educational atmosphere and to keep them involved and growing on a personal level over the course of many years.

The program supports both serious competitors and recreational sailors of all skill levels, and is focused on building sailing skills while also promoting sportsmanship, fostering teamwork and strengthening respect for oneself and others.

Pleon owns a fleet of club boats which are available for the club’s members to use including: 20 International Optimist Dinghies; 4 Lasers, including Full, Radial and 4.7 rigs; and 20 Club 420s, most with spinnakers and trapezes,and others with modified rigs for novice sailors.

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