When you arrive in Port Vila anchor in the quarantine zone near the yellow buoy. This is just north of the lead markers in some 8 to 20 meters depth. Have your yellow quarantine flag flying. Call Port Vila Harbour Control on Channel 16. They keep radio watch from 7:30 to 16:30. If they do not answer, try Yachting World on Channel 16. They will contact Customs and Quarantine for you. These officials will arrive with their own skiff (or with the Yachting World skiff).

If you arrive on Saturday or Sunday or a public holiday you might as well catch up on sleep and chores on the boat as you won’t be clearing in except during working hours. Do not go ashore without first clearing in without explicit instructions by radio or telephone from customs officials instructing you otherwise.

For full instructions, please refer to the official website.

The sea wall
The sea wall has been recently rebuilt and and the electric outlets, water taps, and tie-ups have been upgraded.

If you wish to stay at the marina and have electricity and water and step ashore access, you will pick up one of the floating yellow buoys and then motor bow or stern first up to the seawall. With the new, higher, seawall we recommend you come in bow-first, tie up, and then pull back to put your bow just off the sea wall. The marina staff will provide a plank for you to walk ashore.

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